Sports Broadcaster Fired for Speaking Out in Defense of Accused Rapist Ashraf Hakimi

    Colombian TV presenter Oscar Renteria has lost his job at Radio Caracol after defending PSG and Morocco star Ashraf Hakimi, who is accused of rape.

    Renteria caused controversy after his statements in which he sought to defend Hakimi by accusing the girl who filed the complaint of being responsible for the alleged rape.

    Where he pointed out in his speech that any woman who goes to visit a football player must be sure of what will happen next, and of the dangers that lie in wait for her.

    Despite his dismissal from his job, Renteria remained true to his words and position, saying that he was not going to apologize to a potential victim.

    As a result, Caracol confirmed that Renteria would no longer host his El Bolso del Futbol program due to his retirement from radio.

    Late last month, Ashraf Hakimi was charged with sexual harassment and rape after the girl went to the police station in the French capital Paris and filed a complaint against the player while French prosecutors were investigating Ashraf.

    Source: “Le 10 Sport”

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