Sports Analyst Identifies Most Threatening Player in Winning Team, Not Cristiano Ronaldo.

    Sports critic Abdullah ignored the classification of Cristiano Ronaldo as the most dangerous player in the first football team of the Al-Nasr club, from his point of view.

    So-and-so said that Taliska was considered Al-Nasr’s most dangerous Saudi player, completely ignoring the Madeira missile.

    He also confirmed that the level of the youth team has been fluctuating lately in terms of results and the technical level of the players.

    Cristiano Ronaldo
    Cristiano Ronaldo

    He stressed that, despite this, the youth team is an excellent team with a long history, capable of achieving victory over the Sun.

    Al-Alamy will face Al-Shabaab Club next Tuesday at 9:30 am Cairo and Saudi time, with matches between the two teams taking place at the KSU Stadium.

    Talisk wins

    Cristiano Ronaldo numbers. With victory

    Ronaldo played 14 matches with Al-Nasr in the Saudi Professional League Roshen, during which he was able to score 13 goals and two more assists.

    The position of the Saudi victory in the standings before the meeting with Al-Shabaab

    Al-Alami enters this meeting in second place in the Saudi Pro League standings with 60 points from 27 matches as he has won 18 matches, drawn 6 and lost 3 more.

    In the last match, Al Shams achieved a victory over Ali Al Taei with two unanswered goals in the twenty-seventh Al Hula tournament, with Cristiano Ronaldo scoring goals in the 50th minute from a free kick, while Talisca scored the second goal in the 80th minute.

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