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Solitude in Training: Messi Practices Solo


French soccer club Paris Saint-Germain have announced the return of Argentine star Lionel Messi to team training following the easing of a suspension imposed on him for traveling to Saudi Arabia without a permit.

Last Tuesday, Paris Saint-Germain club management decided to suspend Messi for two weeks due to his trip to Saudi Arabia last Monday without permission, and the Argentine star missed his side’s match against host Troyes (3-1) yesterday, in Sunday. , according to the results of the 34th round of the league tournament.

Messi was forced to apologize to the club in a short video posted on Instagram in which he said to “Flea” in Spanish: “I apologize to my colleagues and await the club’s decision. my colleagues and the club.

Today, Monday, the Paris Saint-Germain club’s official account posted a photo of Messi training and attached it to a “tweet” that said: “Leo Messi is back in training this morning.”

Messi trained alone in the training headquarters of the leaders of the French league today, on Monday, so that the rest of his colleagues had a negative rest after the confrontation in Troyes.

Saint-Germain manager Christophe Galtier declined to comment on Messi’s affair after defeating Troyes on Sunday and said: “I will give you the same answer as before the match: this is an internal matter and I will not comment on Leo.”

And the newspaper Le Parisien confirmed that Messi’s apology, recorded on a video message, was highly appreciated by the Parisian administration, so the decision was made to reduce the punishment for his removal.

The newspaper added that Leo’s apology helped ease tensions between him and Paris club officials.

She also indicated that the leadership of the Parisian team decided to pardon Messi and commute his punishment in order to avoid further controversy and media hype around the club in recent times.

Messi, 35, will be able to take part in a group training session with the rest of his colleagues tomorrow, Tuesday, and will be ready to face Ajaccio next Sunday in the 35th round of the French league.

Paris Saint-Germain are at the top of the league with 78 points, 6 points ahead of their nearest rival Lance, with 4 stages left in the season to get closer to retaining their title and breaking the record for most titles. in a tournament that shares with Saint-Etienne (10 each).

There are doubts about the 35-year-old Lionel Messi’s continuation at Paris Saint-Germain next season, as he has yet to reach an agreement on a contract extension that expires this summer.

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