Soccer News: Swiss Attorney General appeals Blatter and Platini’s acquittals

    The Swiss Attorney General has filed an appeal against the acquittals of Sepp Blatter and Michel Platini, former FIFA and UEFA presidents respectively.

    Blatter and Platini were cleared of all charges against them following a trial at the Federal Criminal Court in Bellinzona, the results of which were announced in July.

    They have been charged by Swiss authorities with fraud and other offenses related to a CHF 2 million payment made by Blatter Platini in 2011.

    Blatter was charged with fraud, misappropriation, criminal mismanagement and document forgery. Platini was charged with fraud, involvement in misappropriation, involvement in criminal mismanagement, and document forgery.

    Both men denied any wrongdoing and the court ruled in their favour.

    However, the case has not yet been closed, as the prosecutor’s office is challenging the court’s decision.

    In a statement, the Prosecutor General’s Office said it had requested that the verdict be overturned.

    It stated: “We confirm that the Attorney General’s Office applied to the Appeals Chamber of the Federal Criminal Court within the statutory time limit and petitioned for the total annulment of the trial court’s judgment.”

    The statement continued: “Additional information on the content of the appeal declaration is not given. The presumption of innocence applies to all participants in the trial.”

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