Soccer News: Super League desire limited to ‘loud’ Spanish giants, Chelsea co-owner claims

    Chelsea co-owner Behdad Egbali does not believe that many clubs are interested in resurrecting the Super League despite a new tournament proposal being in the works.

    The launch of the Super League last year failed in spectacular fashion, with nine of the 12 founding clubs pulling out under pressure from fans, media and players.

    While all six English members quickly withdrew their support for the competition, Spanish giants Barcelona and Real Madrid, as well as Juventus, remain committed to the project.

    Media chief executive Bernd Reichart has been hired to spearhead plans for the relaunch and said on Wednesday: “Even the fans are going to be very sympathetic to the idea.”

    However, Egbali – part of a consortium led by Todd Boly that acquired Chelsea earlier this year – says the “vocal” duo of Barça and Madrid are most interested.

    “I think the sport needs more high-quality matches and content, but it doesn’t have to be the Super League,” Egbali said at an event in New York on Wednesday.

    “Todd went there for the All-Star Game, baseball or the draft brings in between £200 million and £300 million on a Monday or Tuesday every year, nothing like it exists in the English Premier League.

    “Could there be a match between the Premier League and Serie A? Could you see pre-season matches producing more premium content on the pitch? You could.

    “But structurally, given how unfortunate this episode was, does anyone have an appetite for something like this? A few teams in Spain are doing it and they’re talking loudly about it, but everyone else doesn’t want to go there anymore.”

    Reichart, however, maintains that the Super League project is “very much alive”, although he was keen to emphasize that the opportunity to qualify through sporting merit must exist in any redesigned format.

    “[The Super League is] very alive, there are some who want to announce that he is dead, but if they say it a lot, there is a lot to be suspicious of,” he told Cadena SER on Wednesday.

    “There are clubs in Europe that certainly share the vision of Juventus, Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​and now they have the opportunity to share their opinion.

    “It is a long road, but we have the humility to go step by step, but without pauses. A hand is extended to all representatives of European football, we want to be inclusive.

    “The concept of a fixed position is not what we are considering now. Format design should ultimately be the result of dialogue, but we don’t have a predetermined format, the dialogue we offer is real, and so I don’t want to speculate about exactly what it will be. Sports merit will apply to all members of this Superleague.”

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