Soccer News: Kanjurukhan Stadium to be demolished and rebuilt after tragic stampede

    A stadium in Indonesia where more than 130 people died in a stampede this month is due to be demolished and rebuilt.

    The tragedy at the Kanjuruhan stadium occurred on October 1 after the Indonesian Premier League (League 1) match between Arema and Persebaia Surabaya.

    Fans were crushed as they tried to leave the field, and police fired tear gas in an attempt to disperse rioting supporters on the field.

    Indonesian President Joko Widodo said the stadium would be demolished and replaced with a FIFA-compliant site.

    He told reporters, “Kanjurukhan Stadium in Malang… we will demolish it and rebuild it to FIFA standards.”

    Widodo added: “We have agreed to completely transform Indonesian football. Every aspect of preparation… must be based on FIFA standards.”

    FIFA President Gianni Infantino has pledged to help the Football Association of Indonesia (PSSI) after what he called “a black day for football”.

    Infantino said: “Therefore, we must be more calm in this situation. This situation will resolve itself. There is no need to focus on people’s opinions, but we must focus on ensuring that there are no more incidents like Kanjurukhan, Malang in the future.

    “The main reason I want to go to Indonesia is the Kanjurukhan tragedy, Malang. This incident caused pain and claimed many victims. However, I can guarantee you, FIFA is here for you. [PSSI]. Here, FIFA will work with the government, the AFC and the Indonesian Federation to transform football. Because football is happiness.

    “Indonesia is a football country. Here football is a passion. They love football. So when they watch football in the stadium, they need to be safe.”

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