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Soccer News: Fernandes wants more goals but denies ‘key player’ demand for Manchester United


Bruno Fernandes has made it clear he doesn’t need to be the ‘top man’ at Manchester United, although he admits he wants to score more goals.

The midfielder scored stunningly in his team’s 2-0 victory over Tottenham Hotspur on Wednesday, his first victory at Old Trafford this season.

Fernandes scored 18 Premier League goals during his first full season at United, as well as 12 assists, but those numbers dropped to 10 goals and six assists last season, putting some of his performances to the test.

Speaking to Amazon Prime after the Spurs game, Fernandes admitted that he needs to influence the attacking game, but his main focus is on the team’s performance.

“I was worried that I wanted to score goals and I didn’t score my goals, but that was not my main goal,” he said.

“The team achieved good results, the last [against Newcastle United] it wasn’t a very good result, we want to win every game, but for me, when the team wins, it’s perfect.

“As a person I want to score goals and assist, it’s part of the game and the position I play. I need to have it.”

During an Amazon report, Patrice Evra suggested to Fernandez that he plays better as a “top player” when players like Cristiano Ronaldo are not on the sidelines, though the United midfielder has made it clear he doesn’t think so.

“I don’t like the phrase ‘being the main person. I know when some players come on the field, I respect their positions and I know that I will need to do different things to get the most out of them. I have no problem sacrificing myself to get the most out of my teammates.”

United’s victory over Spurs came after a ruthless assault on Hugo Lloris’ net, with the hosts scoring a total of 28 shots in a game following the lead of Erik ten Hag.

“Everyone knows that the coach wants to play with intensity, with pressure, play as high as possible so that whenever we return the ball, we are closer to the goal,” Fernandes explained.

“Of course you get upset when you don’t score, we had a lot of chances in the first half, but the faith of the team makes us win today.

“The reaction when we lost the ball up front was probably the most important thing today.”


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