Soccer News: European leagues ‘firmly and unanimously’ opposed to FIFA’s biennial proposals for the World Cup

    The Premier League is part of a group of major European leagues that are “firmly and unanimously” against FIFA’s proposals to hold the World Cup every two years.

    The Men’s World Cup has taken place every four years since the inaugural edition in 1930, apart from 1942 and 1946 due to World War II, while the Women’s World Cup has followed suit since its first edition in 1991.

    Former Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has campaigned to narrow the gap in his role as head of the governing body’s global football development.

    Meanwhile, the FIFA congress in May saw a vote in favor of carrying out a feasibility study of the project.

    UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin said the European governing body has “serious reservations and concerns” about the concept. At the same time, Spain and Barcelona captain Sergio Busquets warned that the players would “explode” if plans went through the end.

    The Premier League, along with the other so-called “big five leagues” and several other competitions, is part of the European league group, which released a statement on Thursday saying: “The leagues have firmly and unanimously opposed any proposal to organize the FIFA World Cup every two years.

    “The leagues will work together with other stakeholders to prevent football governing bodies from making unilateral decisions that will harm national football, which is the foundation of our industry and of utmost importance to clubs, players, and fans across Europe and the world.

    “New competitions, renewed competitions, or expanded competitions for football clubs and national teams on a continent and global level are not the solutions to the current problems of our game in an already congested calendar.

    “The football calendar certainly requires the agreement of all interested parties and can only be the result of a subtle balance between club and national football and between national and international club football.”

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