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Shocking Loss for Barcelona in Spanish League


Javier Tebas, president of the Spanish League, spoke about the economic situation of FC Barcelona on the sidelines of a symposium organized by the Financial Times, noting that the president of the blue garnets, Juan Laporte, would not like what he had to say. .

Tebas has repeatedly criticized the economic conditions of the Catalan club, as well as the actions of the board of directors of Laporta, trying to balance the conditions of the Camp Nou.

“It is impossible to look the other way regarding the economic situation in Barcelona, ​​otherwise the La Liga competition will collapse and it would be wrong,” said the president of the Spanish League.

Painful shock for Barcelona from the Spanish league!

And Tebas continued: “Now, most likely, the president of Barcelona will call me angry, but it’s true.”


He continued: “Barcelona will not be able to sign players in the summer, as they did in January last year.”


In this regard, Tebas lashed out at PSG and Manchester City, concluding: “These two teams were punished by UEFA and suspended from European competition, but it was the Court of Sport that brought them back to participate. UEFA is not responsible for this matter. but the system of court work must be reviewed.”


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