"shadow woman"..sets an imaginary price " for robot" Halland!

    Brazilian Rafaela Pimenta, agent for Manchester City striker Erling Haaland’s Norwegian star, has revealed the Norwegian star’s current price.

    “I take what I say seriously. Erling Haaland is now worth a billion euros. I’m sure that’s the value of the player,” Pimenta said in a statement from French network Telefoot.

    Erling Haaland (22) has a contract with Manchester City until the summer of 2027, but many reports have suggested he might consider a new experience after two seasons with the English side.

    Haaland leads the Premier League this season with 26 goals, nine goals ahead of his second player, Tottenham Hotspur striker Harry Kane.

    Rafaela Pimenta… a shadow woman who leads one of football’s biggest empires

    Pimenta worked as an assistant to the famous business agent of football players, Italian Mino Raiola, president of the One company. The Brazilian lawyer was not known in the football world until Raiola’s death on April 30. , 2022, at age 54.

    There have been many questions about Raiola’s successor, who controls the fate of some of the biggest and most important players on the European continent.

    Among my clients are the late Italian, Swedish veteran Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Milan striker, Italian Gianluigi Donnarumma and Frenchman Marco Verratti, Paris Saint-Germain players, Dutchman Matthijs de Ligt, Bayern Munich defender, Frenchman Paul Pogba, midfielder ” Juventus and Norwegian Erling Haaland. Manchester City striker.

    Raiola trusted a limited number of his relatives and friends who ran the player business with him, as he left behind a huge player fortune totaling one billion euros, according to the Spanish news agency, in addition to 85 million euros as a personal fortune. according to the American magazine Forbes.

    The late Italian team includes his son Mario Raiola, his cousin Vincenzo Raiola, his close friend José Fortes Rodriguez, and lawyer Rafaela Pimenta and media contributor Enrica Tarci.

    Among these names shone that of Rafaela Pimenta, a lawyer familiar with all the secrets of Raiola, according to the website “calciotoday”, primarily with the fate of Haaland, and she is also directly involved in the Pogba case.

    Pimenta, who has Brazilian nationality, is one of the oldest people to work with Raiola, who has worked with him for over 18 years.

    A Brazilian lawyer was able to piece together the scattered papers of Raiola’s “empire” after his death to formally present herself to the world, after all those years of working in his shadow, leading the media to describe her as “the most powerful woman”. in the world of football.

    I worked with the President of Brazil

    Early in her career, Pimienta worked for the so-called “antitrust” team set up by former Brazilian President Fernando Henrique Cardoso.

    She also played a prominent role in helping famous Brazilian players Rivaldo and César Sampaio found Guatengueta, one of the smaller clubs in the Brazilian state of São Paulo.

    At the event where the “antitrust” project was launched, she first met Pimienta Briola in the early 2000s, namely in 2004, and soon an agreement was reached that they would work together.

    Pimienta moved from Brazil to the French principality of Monte Carlo, where Mino Raiola’s business management agency is headquartered, becoming one of 4 or 5 people working at the agency’s headquarters.

    The Brazilian lawyer is fluent in six different languages, making it easier for her to negotiate the transfer market on her own.

    Pimienta has also worked as a professor of international law at the University of São Paulo, and she appears or interacts little on all sorts of social media.

    Source: agencies

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