Sean Dyche concerned over Burnley’s unresolved contract issues


5 players remain in the final fortnight of their agreements, while 3 more are hurt and Ben Gibson’s Clarets profession appears to be over.

Dyche stated he had actually raised the need to be more pro-active on agreements with the club’s board prior to the coronavirus pandemic, however with the Premier League shutdown now having actually worsened the problem he fears the club’s spendthrift method is having an effect.

“The club has had a way of working for a long time,” he stated. “I was stating 18 months ago that we have actually got to extend the financing without breaking the structure of the club.

” We remain in a very strong position financially– even with all this going on. The threat is if you do not put enough in, you might run into problem. Then you can still get in problem, if you put too much in. Discovering the balance is difficult.

” These circumstances didn’t need to take place however they have actually happened. That is something the board and the chairman should gain from. Due to the fact that I have actually been talking about this for 18 months, the Covid crisis has actually not been practical for sure however it’s not been the cover story.

Jeff Hendrick is amongst the Burnley players out of contract this month (Dave Thompson/PA)

“I was projecting what might happen in that period of time and Covid has just added to the complexity of it.”

Dyche has actually not eliminated extensions for a few of those whose agreements are almost up, with Bardsley, Lennon and Hendrick all regulars in his side.

However he confessed the players wished to see more from the club prior to they would sign new offers.

“They’ve communicated that they’d like to know what the future is beyond one month,” he stated. “I can’t provide any guarantees on that since I have actually not been considered that assistance myself.

“That comes from the chairman and the board. There is nothing I can tell them other than the situation as it stands, and I’m waiting on more news of that.”

The possibility of short- term extensions for the players included is now in the hands of chairman Mike Garlick– as long as the players themselves are keen to sign.

Dyche stated he was waiting on chairman Mike Garlick to act on player agreements (Nick Potts/PA)

“The players still have the chance to finish their contracts in June which they might do because they might want to keep themselves right for what comes next,” Dyche added.

” I’m waiting on the chairman to act upon what I have actually recommended numerous months earlier and ideally get some players restrained.

” If that does not happen it’s fair to state we’ll be down to a very low squad with the 3 injuries on top …

“Of course it will affect the group but we’ve shown before that when called upon we’ve got many players here capable of doing the work and providing us with performances that can get results.”

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