Sean Dyche claims extended training camp will not be needed before play restarts


Burnley boss thinks an extended training camp will not be needed.

Burnley manager Sean Dyche does not think an extended training camp would be needed ahead of the Premier League’s resumption.

It is now 6 weeks given that the last top-flight game, with the sporting schedule annihilated in a quote to suppress the spread of coronavirus.

Premier League clubs are still checking out scheduling designs for how they might finish the season, with Burnley boss Dyche and his squad prepared for a fast turn-around.

Burnley are 10 th in the Premier League standings (Martin Rickett/PA)

“If the players have to accept a short window to get fit and sharp to get ready, then I think they would accept it,” he informed BBC Radio 5Live “I would certainly accept it.”

Dyche offered his players some downtime after the preliminary decision to suspended play, however the Clarets have actually been constructing their physical fitness up ever since in preparation of a return.

“We are telling the players ‘look, we feel there is a strong chance this is going to start again and when it does we have to be mentally and physically prepared to go’,” the Burnley manager added.

Burnley manager Sean Dyche has actually been staying connected with his personnel and players from home (Anthony Devlin/PA)

” The concept they are going to have a real pre-season runs out the window. I think players are a lot fitter and healthier nowadays. They take care of themselves a lot much better, so you can increase the training quicker.

” One way of an equal opportunity is not playing anygames State you need to deal with your own training premises and all of us enter into it a little cold. There is clearly a danger of dispersing due to the fact that if you start having pre-season games.

“There is a possibility they could advise you ‘have three weeks and within that period you can have in-house games’, because that is another three weeks without mixing with other teams. It’s only a thought.”

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