Saudi Victory Chief Launches Attack on Arbitration

    Saudi President Al-Nasr Musali Al Muammar opened fire on arbitration in fiery statements made by him after today’s match against Al-Bateen in the 19th round of the championship. Saudi League.

    The events of the match that brought together my two teams ended Saudi victory And Al-Batin, with the victory of the first over the second with a difference of three goals, within the framework of the 19th round of the Saudi League.

    Al-Nasr today announces the suspension of collective training

    Saudi Victory Chief Opens Fire on Arbitration

    Musli Al-Muammar made loud statements after his team’s victory over Al-Bateen in the 19th round of the Saudi League Championship.

    Talisca denies rumors of her withdrawal from Saudi victory

    And Al Muammar said: “The referee was not at the level of the match.”

    And he added: “We want foreign rulers at the level, and the reason for our return to local government is because of the level of foreign rulers.”

    And he continued: “Any Libyan club asks for foreign referees and cannot ask for it. We appoint, help and help him by requesting referees.”

    And he concluded: “Talisca will be in Riyadh this week to give concerts at the stadium.”

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