Saudi Prince Lauds Cristiano Ronaldo’s Brilliance, Expresses Disappointment in Al-Hilal Players

    Saudi Prince Abdul Rahman bin Musaed praised the Portuguese’s performance Cristiano RonaldoThe Al Nasr captain also criticized the level of Al Hilal players this season.

    Saudi prince praises Cristiano Ronaldo… and criticizes the level of Al-Hilal players!

    Cristiano Ronaldo
    Saudi prince praises Cristiano Ronaldo… and criticizes the level of Al-Hilal players!

    Through his personal account on the microblogging site App X, Prince bin Musaed said: “Without dispute, Cristiano Ronaldo is the best professional in Saudi Arabia, both on and off the field, technically.” He continued: “The difference between him and those around him is so great that it is difficult to understand who is around him.”

    He added: “After the seventh round, I see that the best teams are candidates to win the league – apart from the current table – first Al Nasr with their professionals and huge attacking power, then Al Ittihad, then Al -Nasr” with its professionals and enormous attacking power. Hilal and Al-Ahli together.”

    Saudi yellow

    Regarding the level of Al-Hilal players, he said: “Al-Hilal in its current state is a defensive organization, with its players not combative and not providing an outstanding standard for their professionals who play, as they say, with a fork and knife , and what they offer is not equivalent to the value of their names and the obscurity of the art form of Al-Hilal… if the situation continues as it is.” The Crescent Season is not encouraging. “

    One of the followers asked him a question about what shortcomings the club faces. LeaderHe replied: “The reasons, in my opinion, are the lack of sufficient combativeness among the players and the failure of foreign professionals to provide a level commensurate with their known capabilities, their history and their names, with the possible exception of Malcolm.


    He continued: “The team’s inability to deal with mid- and lower-ranked teams who play against Al-Hilal in a purely defensive manner, huddling, playing on rebounds and sometimes exploiting naive defensive mistakes is what the coach and players are also responsible, and the points these teams lose are their chances of winning the round.”

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