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Saudi Legend from Al-Hilal Shares Remarkable Insights on Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi


Al-Hilal and Saudi football legend Sami Al-Jaber spoke about the deal of the century that the Al-Nasr team made with Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo, in addition to trying to secure a contract with Argentine Lionel Messi.

According to Sky News player statements, Sami Al Jaber explained that profits are being returned to the Saudi League Championship after the Portuguese legend joined. Cristiano Ronaldo to a global team.

Sami Aljaber

The Al Hilal star spoke out: “Ronaldo’s presence in the Saudi Arabian league is of technical, marketing and social value because he is a football legend who has a great impact on the level of power of the matches and increased excitement in the stadiums, in addition to to attract more fans to participate in large numbers, and to successfully promote the Saudi League at the external level.”

Cristiano Ronaldo

And he continued: “Cristiano Ronaldo is the gateway to the emergence of a new elite of big stars that we will see in the Saudi Arabian league in the coming seasons. Many big names playing in major international leagues can be seen in the colors of the Saudi teams in the near future, which increases the power and importance of the Saudi League both regionally and globally.

Amazing commentary on Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi from Saudi legend Al-Hilal

Regarding the contract of his former team Al-Hilal with Argentine legend Lionel Messi, he continued: “Regardless of the name of the team that can sign Messi, I support this approach and see great returns in it, not only for the clubs, but and for the country as a whole. The presence of a player like Messi in Saudi stadiums will have a big impact on the technical level of young players as well as the level of grassroots momentum, in addition to a positive global echo of the Kingdom’s image in tourism. side.


Regarding his successor in the stadiums, he concluded: “At the beginning, I didn’t believe in the idea of ​​having a player successor and every time he has a state and people, but I see that Salem Al-Dosari, Al-Hilal overcomes all barriers and transcends all numbers because he is a persistent and focused player in football and is a great front for Saudi football.”


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