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Saudi Arabia’s Victory Resolves Crisis with Abu Jabal.


Saudi Arabia’s victory ended the Abu Jabal crisis as Saudi sports journalist Khaled Al Rashid revealed the reasons why Egyptian goalkeeper Muhammad Abu Jabal agreed to settle his case with Al Nasr club officials.

And Al-Nasr previously signed the international goalkeeper last February following his brilliant performance for Egypt at the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations in Cameroon, where the Pharaohs won the silver medal.

And this morning, the Al-Riyadiya newspaper reported that the leadership Al Nasser Club Led by Mesli Al Muammar, they managed to reach an official agreement with the goalkeeper of the Egyptian national team to end the acute issue between them by mutual agreement.

It is worth noting that the former Zamalek goalkeeper filed an official complaint against the club. Saudi victory In the competent court of the International Federation of Football Associations “FIFA”.

Abu Jabal reveals the fact that he signed the victory of Saudi Arabia

The complaint pointed out that the Saudi club refused to include the player despite signing him to a contract, so the goalkeeper requested the full duration of Al-Nasr’s financial contract with proof of harm being caused to him as a result.

For this reason, the victory of Saudi Arabia ended the crisis with Abu Jabal.

Al-Rashid tweeted through his personal account on the short tweet site Twitter, saying: “The case was closed after the player received thirty percent of the entire contract and the case was settled.”


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