Saudi Arabia’s Participation in the European Champions League: A Surprising Development

    According to press reports, the teams of Saudi Arabia participated in the tournament. Champions LeagueAfter talking about this question as a guess.

    Saudi Football Association
    Saudi Football Association

    She pointed out that there is a hadith which Saudi Federation He is in contact with the European Union to include clubs from the Saudi League in the European Champions League.

    EU position on the participation of Saudi teams in the European Champions League

    At first, many expected the matter to be the subject of rumors, but many press reports indicate that the news could try the Saudi federation in one of the biggest leagues in world football.

    Champions League
    Champions League

    This is due to the participation of the champion in the European Championship in exchange for a significant investment in the tournament to make it successful, especially since experience has proven the ability of the Saudi negotiator to make successful investments, as happened with the English club Newcastle.

    Undoubtedly, if UEFA accepts this proposal, the promotional and marketing power of the Saudi League will increase, and the project will also become stronger and more solid.

    Saudi Arabia close to acquiring Newcastle United
    Newcastle United Club

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