Saudi Al-Ittihad Shocks Al-Nasr, Muammar Family Respond to Betty Martinez Replacement

    The Saudi Federation shocked the team Victory Due to his replacement, Betty Martinez, a strong response came from the head of the global team, Musli Al Muammar.

    The team won Victory Yesterday, Friday, he beat his team-mate with a score of three: one in the 19th round of the Saudi League Championship.

    The Al-Alami team is performing well this season and is at the top of the Saudi League Roshen standings with 43 points.

    Despite such a great performance, he suffers from many serious injuries.

    And the latest of these injuries was the injury of the Argentine tennis player Betty Martinez, who will be absent from the world rankings until the end of the current season due to an incision in the cruciate ligament.

    Betty Martinez

    And the leadership of the Al-Alami team agreed to include a free replacement for the injured player, which is the Venezuelan Romolo Otero.

    Saudi Al-Ittihad shocked Al-Nasr over Betty Martinez replacement and the Muammar family reacted

    The Saudi Arabian Football Association has denied the Al-Alami team the registration of a substitute player for Betty Martinez.

    Musli Al Muammar stated about the decision, saying, “We requested the approval of the Saudi Federation to register a replacement for Betty Martinez, but the request was rejected.”

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