Rudi Garcia makes debut decision after Al-Nasr triumph over Abha

    The first decisions of the Frenchman Rudy Garcia, the coach of the first football team of the Saudi Al-Nasr club, began to be issued after the victory of his team over counterpart Abhay in the league.

    The two teams met last night, Saturday, at the Marsoul Park stadium as part of the twenty-first round of the Roshen Saudi Pro League.

    The meeting of the two teams ended with the victory of Al-Alami over their counterpart Abha with a score of two goals: one, Cristiano Ronaldo scored two goals in the 78th minute, and Talisca converted a penalty in the 86th minute.

    Location of Al-Nasr and Abhi in Saudi League Roshan Ranking Table

    With this victory, Al-Alami increased his score to 49 points and finished in second place, which he got by playing 21 matches, winning 15 of them, with 4 draws and losing only two matches.

    As for the Abha Club, its score froze at 23, taking twelfth place in the standings.

    Rudi Garcia’s first decision since Al-Nasr’s victory over Abha

    The first decisions of French coach Rudy Garcia, the coach of the first team, came after his team defeated colleague Abha in the Saudi Roshen Pro League.

    Garcia made the decision to give the team’s players a two-day break from training in light of the upcoming downtime; Because the Saudi Arabia national team is linked to the international agenda this March.

    According to Garcia’s decision, Al-Nasr will return to group training in two days in preparation for his meeting with his colleague Al-Adala on April 4 in the 22nd round of the Roshen Pro League competition.

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