Rubiales, victim of Kiss at the World Cup, left in disbelief at new development

    A source at the Spanish prosecutor’s office said on Wednesday that player Jenny Hermoso filed a criminal case against the suspended president of the local football federation, Luis Rubiales, for kissing her.

    The complaint, filed on Tuesday, is at the center of a preliminary investigation launched by Spain’s Supreme Criminal Court prosecutors into the alleged crime of “sexual assault” to move the case forward.

    Rubiales sparked outrage around the world after kissing Hermoso on the lips during a coronation ceremony after Spain won the World Cup over England in Sydney on 20 August.

    Hermoso later said that the unwanted kiss made her feel “vulnerable and like a victim of an attack”, calling it “a reckless, courageous and inappropriate act carried out without any consent from my side” in a social media statement.

    In contrast, Rubiales claimed that the kiss was consensual.

    Last week, the district court said it would launch a preliminary investigation in light of the “obviousness” of Hermoso’s remarks, saying it was necessary to “determine their legal significance.”

    For its part, the International Federation (FIFA) suspended Rubiales for a period of 90 days after he refused to step down from his position.

    Some 81 female soccer players in Spain have also gone on strike to protest the 46-year-old Rubiales’ vehement defense speech following the incident, in which he criticized “pseudo-feminism”.

    The Spanish Federation fired on Tuesday the women’s national team coach Jorge Wilda, who is close to Rubiales, after the scandal.

    Source: AFP

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