Ronaldo Pleased To Put Pressure On Inter With First Serie A hat-Trick

    The 34-year-old added a second from the penalty spot after Marko Rog on Paulo Dybala.

    Afterwards Cagliari declared juve’s lead in the minute and five seconds.

    The success sent Maurizio Sarri’s men three points clear of Inter before the Nerazzurri’s excursion to Napoli after on Monday.


    After Played well and made a great deal of opportunities.

    The most crucial thing regardless of the hat-trick is the team wins.

    If he will In any situation, we have done what we had to perform and can wait today.

    We have to improve in all aspects, not only one.

    We’re a comprehensive squad and need to work together in each movement.

    The group is getting better, not only in defence but also in most Gonzalo Higuain extended.

    A goalless first half Ronaldo, in Allianz Stadium showed great anticipation around Robin Olsen for its opener and to conquer Sebastian Walukiewicz.

    Watch Inter’s match against Napoli, Ronaldo added: I do not understand, but clearly I expect Inter shed, because that will assist us.


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