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Ronaldo breaks his silence after jaw injury at Marsul Park stadium.


Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo, striker of the Al-Nasr club, expressed his joy with his first goal against Abha (2: 1) yesterday, Saturday, at the Marsul Park stadium in the 21st round of the Saudi League Roshan.

Ronaldo scored his first goals at the Marsoul Park stadium in the capital Riyadh, since joining the ranks of the Al-Nasr club, in the 78th minute of the match, which with a “rocket” shot several distances from a fixed ball, made it possible “Madeira rockets” to their Brazilian colleague Anderson Talisika to shoot a penalty.

Ronaldo, 38, said on his Twitter account after the end of the match: “It’s great to win and I’m very happy to score here in our stadium with our fans!”

Cristiano Ronaldo managed to unravel the knot at Al-Nasr’s Marsoul Park stadium by scoring his first goal at the stadium, as he had previously stumbled upon in all of Al-Alamy’s past matches. “, since he joined the team at the end of December last year.

Ronaldo scored 8 goals in the winning jersey, in addition to two assists, before untying the knot at his Marsoul Park stadium and scoring the ninth goal, closing the gap between him and the top scorer to 6 goals. in the Saudi League, the Moroccan Abd Al-Razzak Hamdallah, a striker for the Al-Ittihad club.

Source: RT


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