Revolutionary Steps to Revitalize Football in European Stadiums

    Aurelio De Laurentiis, president of Italian club Napoli, has come up with a “crazy” proposal to develop football in European stadiums in the coming seasons.

    Recently, Napoli won the Italian championship with a few rounds before the end of the season, and on this occasion, the president of the club entered into a lengthy dialogue with the newspaper La Repubblica to talk about the future of football.

    De Laurentiis said: “I have an idea why we play in the winter when it snows and rains and it’s cold? Can’t we start leagues all over Europe on April 1st for 7 months before October? This is not an April Fool’s joke.” but a real idea.

    He added: “From November to March, the players have five months to rest and play with the national teams. If I have African players, why should I deprive myself of them for the African Cup in January?”

    And about the Super Premier League: “I put aside the idea of ​​a European competition with the best teams from each league, otherwise everyone will be angry. I said that 10 billion should be put on the table, not 4 to 5 billion, which the European Football Association guaranteed in the next round.”

    And about football stadiums: “We have a big problem with stadiums, with rare exceptions, there are stadiums that are outdated and the match is almost invisible there, can we bring families to these places? Can we make stadiums comfortable places for people to stay” in the stadium all day to enjoy and eat. For me, I would celebrate weddings and other events at the stadium.”

    On education: “I would like the Minister of Education to introduce two one-hour lessons a month in which Luciano Spalletti or Carlo Ancelotti would begin to teach students from elementary to high school what football is, the roles of players and different plans.”

    Source: “Media”

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