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Revamping the Italian Super System: A Formal Change in Process


On Monday, the Italian League announced the new format of the Italian Super Cup, which will be played in the same way as the Spanish Super Cup.

And the La Liga has approved the use of a four-team system for participation in the Super League, starting in 2020.

And the Italian league has indicated in an official statement that it has agreed to change the format of the Super Cup starting next year in 2024.

She added that the tournament in its new form will be hosted by 4 teams, which will include the league champion and runner-up, in addition to the two teams that have qualified for the Coppa Italia final.

She noted that the next two editions will be held in Saudi Arabia under the new system.

Three of the last five tournaments were held in Saudi Arabia for a total of €21 million ($22.52 million).

A league official explained that the new contract guarantees 23 million euros if the tournament is played with four teams.

It is noteworthy that Inter became the champions of the last edition of the Super Cup after defeating their arch-rivals AC Milan 3-0 in a match that took place in Riyadh in January.

Source: “Wakalat”


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