Revamped Title: US Collaborative Strategy to Lure Messi to Play for Them

    Spanish newspaper Sport reported on an interesting deal between American clubs to lure Argentine star Lionel Messi into the American Professional Football League.

    And 29 clubs have expressed their willingness to pay Messi’s salary on the condition that the Argentine player chooses the team for which he wants to defend his colors next season, according to the Spanish newspaper.

    According to Sport, the salaries of regular players are 3 million euros, while players and big stars go up to 6 million, and their number is limited at each club.

    Those financial limits prevented the completion of the deal with Messi and his move to the American League, but in exceptional cases they were exceeded during a meeting that took place between the owners of the clubs about a month and a half ago.

    The owners have agreed that all 29 American clubs will contribute a portion of Messi’s salary so that he can sign with one of them, a decision that belongs only to the world’s best player in the Ballon d’Or winning record. (7 times).

    Accordingly, Messi could freely move to Inter Miami, LA Galaxy or even join any team from New York.

    All clubs understand that they will pay a salary to a player who does not represent them and does not defend their colors, but believe that they will return their money in another way.

    According to Sport, the very presence of Messi in the American League will increase the value of the championship in material terms, and this will lead to an increase in the price of television rights.

    And she confirmed that Messi’s presence in America will no doubt increase the financial value that will be distributed to the clubs from the sale of rights.

    Messi’s presence in the United States of America will contribute to a major leap forward in the quality of football in the country, which is preparing to host the 2026 World Cup final in partnership with Mexico and Canada.

    For its part, Leo has not commented on the American proposal and remains silent about it, but is actually considering pursuing a professional career on the old European continent, Sport reports.

    This comes in light of Paris Saint-Germain’s second extension offer to Messi, and Barcelona are keen to bring his legend back to the Camp Nou despite his economic plight.

    Messi’s current contract with the Parisian team expires at the end of the current 2022-2023 season.

    Source: Arabic Post

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