Reclaiming Control of the Paris Team: Nasser Al-Khelaifi’s Bold Moves

    Many problems have arisen at Paris Saint-Germain in the team’s recent run of consecutive losses, the recent problem of Kylian Mbappe and the contract extension of Argentine star Lionel Messi.

    Al-Khulayfi’s decisive decision

    This was reported by the newspaper Le Parisien. Mr. Nasser Al Khulaifi has severed all his foreign ties and returned to Paris. His plan is clear… to get things back on track.

    Nasser Al Khulaifi’s speech

    Nasser Al Khulaifi
    Nasser Al Khulaifi

    Al Khulaifi spoke to the players and the coach to regain control of the team again, and L’Equipe newspaper pointed out: Mr. Nasser’s speech to the players today: “To be together means to fight together, this is not possible, we must be together.

    L’Équipe explained As for the Messi affair, the fans whistled against Messi and reached Nasser Al Khulaifi. The Parisian administration could be affected by the matter and eventually give up.

    Where Al-Hulaifi seeks to keep Argentine legend Lionel Messi within the walls of the team in order to achieve the dream of all Parisians – the Champions League title.

    It is worth noting that Paris Saint-Germain is in the lead in the standings of the French league, gaining 66 points in 29 matches.

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