Reason for Barcelona’s commitment to signing Asensio from Real Madrid!

    According to press reports, the reason Barcelona are pushing to sign Asensio from Real Madrid is because Barcelona want to sign Marco Asensio, a Real Madrid player.

    It is worth noting that Asensio has not yet decided on the renewal of his contract with Real Madrid in the near future, especially with the end of his contract approaching.

    Date of the match between Barcelona and Real Sociedad in the Copa del Rey

    The match between Barcelona and Real Sociedad is scheduled to start tomorrow, Wednesday, at 10 pm Egyptian time and 11 pm Saudi Arabia time.

    The Catalan club lead the La Liga championship with 44 points, three points behind Real Madrid in second place.

    Reason for Barcelona’s commitment to signing Asensio from Real Madrid!

    Reports indicated that Barcelona wanted to include Real Madrid’s Marco Asensio, especially after the player changed his agent.

    According to press reports, Jorge Mendez became Asensio’s agent.

    Mendez is very close to the Barcelona administration led by Juan Laporta, which has raised doubts about the player’s transfer to the Catalan club.

    And according to Mundo Deportivo newspaper, Barcelona admire many of Asensio’s traits.

    According to the same source, Barcelona favors Asensio because of his “left foot, good play in the box, good movement between the lines, competitiveness and pressure”.

    The source indicated that Barcelona know this is an opportunity and it will be a blow to Madrid, but Dembele, Ravenna and Ferran are in his position as one of them has to leave to sign him.

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