Reason behind Rudy Garcia’s Removal from Al-Nasr Coaching Group

    The board of directors of the first football team of the Saudi Arabian club Al-Nasr decided to dismiss Rudy Garcia from the position of the team’s coach and instead entrust this task to another coach.

    In another context, Asfar Al Riyadh drew with his colleague Al Fayhaa in the 23rd round of the competition. Saudi League Roshanlose two valuable points.

    On the other hand, the Al-Ittihad club, which is leading in the standings, managed to beat its colleague Al-Wahda and increase the gap with Al-Alamy to 3 points.

    The dismissal of Rudy Garcia from the Al-Nasr coaching group for this reason

    Rudy Garcia: We were learning the Al-Ittihad method and why weren't we good offensively?
    The dismissal of Rudy Garcia from the Al-Nasr coaching group for this reason

    The British newspaper “Daily Mail” reported that the dismissal of Rudy Garcia as the world’s technical director; Due to the increase in internal disputes and the deterioration of his relationship with some of the team’s players.

    Where the French coach came into sharp disagreement with a number of players in the dressing room due to his dissatisfaction and dissatisfaction with the performance of his charges, and also subjected them to harsh criticism in the dressing room of the team.

    She also indicated that Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo is also unhappy with some of Garcia’s decisions as he believes he should get more value from his teammates.

    So… the disagreements between the coach and his players at Al-Alami Castle began early, as the current sports season was not yet over, and the disagreements were not limited to Al-Faihaa’s last match.

    The French coach had earlier criticized the decisions of some of his players in the yellow team, asking them to play normally.

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