Real Madrid’s Toni Kroos reacts to Wayne Rooney’s remarks

    Real Madrid midfielder Toni Kroos responded to Wayne Rooney’s remarks in which he expected to fall in love Manchester Real Madrid in the upcoming match between them.

    Real Madrid will face their counterpart Manchester City tomorrow, Tuesday, at 10 pm Saudi Arabian time and in the city of Cairo.

    Toni Kroos responds to Wayne Rooney’s statement to Real Madrid

    Real Madrid are looking for a replacement for Toni Kroos from the English Premier League
    Toni Kroos responds to Wayne Rooney’s statement to Real Madrid

    During a press conference ahead of tomorrow’s clash, the Real Madrid star said: “The best way to defend is to have the ball. We will have chances against this team where we will have to defend.”

    The German added: “I played as a coordinator against Barcelona And in the match against Chelsea, I felt very good.”

    A journalist asked him what are the keys to tomorrow’s match? He replied: “It’s important to play well, score goals and be focused on defending against a team that scores 3 or 4 goals in every game.”

    Wayne Rooney
    Wayne Rooney

    And he added: “We have played many matches of this kind, and I am confident in our experience. Hope everything goes well.”

    As for Wayne Rooney’s underestimation of Real Madrid? He replied, “(Laughing first, then speaking), it was the same as last year. Almost no one expected us to win the Champions League and we did. Ronnie is a man I love very much and what he said I leave aside. It doesn’t affect us or motivate us anymore.”

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