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Real Madrid’s Surprising Move on Karim Benzema’s Future Sparks Victory Hopes


Over the past few days, some reports have circulated about French striker Karim Benzema’s future at Real Madrid and a Saudi Arabian win bid.

Benzema’s departure from the royal family, but…

And as we posted a few days ago, Nacional’s website has confirmed Real Madrid’s desire to sign Juventus striker Dusan Vlahovic for the upcoming summer transfers.

Where the Italian club will be forced to sell some of their stars because it is almost impossible for them to qualify for the next Champions League.

Karim Benzema, Real Madrid player

Florentino Pérez and José Angel Sanchez have already spoken to Vlahovic in person, telling him of their great interest in him, and the Serbian international has confirmed that he prioritizes Real Madrid over any other team.

Benzema is having a hard time with the continuous injuries he has accumulated, apart from the expiration of his contract next June, and his future at the club is yet to be determined.

Real Madrid scares victory with sudden decision on Benzema’s future

The Spanish newspaper AC reflected all these rumors and confirmed that there are no doubts or fears on the part of the club and the coach about the future of Benzema and he will receive full support.

She also said that the option to sign a striker next summer is already being discussed, but all this does not mean that Karim Benzema is deprived of confidence.

Where the royal team is confident in the level of the French striker, although he is already 35 years old and close to the declining curve.

And Saudi reports have shown Al Nasr are in talks with Benzema to sign him on a free transfer deal during the upcoming summer transfer period to play alongside Cristiano Ronaldo again in the world rankings.


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