Real Madrid’s Strategy to Secure Qualification for Guler

    The press reported today that Real Madrid have developed a plan for the rehabilitation of Arda Guler, a player of the first team of the Royal Club, after he was repeatedly injured after joining the Merengue ranks.

    Güler joined the ranks of the Royal Club, but has not yet played primarily with the team, as he joined them from Fenerbahce in Turkey, then was injured and returned from it and was on the bench, but his return was injured again, which led to his repeated absence, which may have been a significant part of the dismissal. Team doctor Niko Mihic.

    Real Madrid are thinking about strengthening Arda Guler’s body

    real Madrid

    According to the newspaper Marca, Real Madrid are very concerned about Arda Guler, a player of the first team of the Royal Club, and do not want to set a specific date for his return or a possible day for his appearance with the first football. Royal Club team.

    The report added: “The aim now is to find and find what went wrong and prevent the young player from feeling depressed which could affect his career at Royal Club.”

    He continued: “The Royal Club will not put any pressure on Havar to bring him back. There is peace of mind, complete and utter confidence in the player’s ability and talent and they consider him a special player, but the Turkish player’s body is still in the process of recovery.” is being formed.

    The report concludes: Real Madrid is now thinking about strengthening Güler’s body to make the player physically strong, and the club is starting to think about the player’s first appearance in 2024.


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