Real Madrid’s strategy against Manchester City in the Champions League match according to Ancelotti.

    Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti revealed his plan against Manchester City in the Champions League match.

    The first football team of the Royal Club is preparing for an important match against the English “Manchester City” in the second leg of the semi-finals of the Champions League.

    Carlo Anchelotti
    Carlo Anchelotti

    Date of Real Madrid vs Manchester City in the Champions League

    And Los Blancos has already met with his counterpart Setiens on the territory of the Santiago Bernabeu, the stronghold of the royal club, in the first match of the same round, and the match ended in a goal for the same.

    The second leg of the Champions League semi-final between the two teams is scheduled to take place at Al Ittihad Stadium, Manchester’s stronghold, tomorrow Wednesday at 10:00. evening Cairo time.

    real Madrid
    real Madrid

    Ancelotti spoke about the plans of Real Madrid against Manchester City in the Champions League match

    Italian coach Carlo Ancelotti, coach of Los Blancos Castle, spoke about his team’s plan for the match against Manchester City in order to bring the qualification ticket to the Champions League final.

    Of tomorrow’s plan, he said: “As usual, we are trying to get the most out of the team, both individually and collectively. I think it can be done better than in the first match. After watching the match, we can try to improve it.”

    And on whether Rudiger will be indispensable or not, he added: “I’m sorry, because it was a mistake. I thought you were asking me about Rodrigo, who wasn’t on the bench. This increases the complexity of the composition. I have a very clear idea. If we win, the squad will be correct, and if we lose, we won’t be able to.”

        Ancelotti spoke about the plans of Real Madrid against Manchester City in the Champions League match
    Ancelotti spoke about the plans of Real Madrid against Manchester City in the Champions League match

    Regarding the change in the playing system, he added: “Last year, Valverde’s position on the wing allowed us to win the Champions League. And this year, Rodrigo allowed us to get here without loss. I’ve already made up my mind.”

    Regarding the legacy left by Ancelotti, he added: “This is the fourth year at this club. I enjoy every day. My legacy is to enjoy every day. This year we are very close to achieving something important. We are very excited, given that this is very difficult. But difficulties help us to be better.”

    What if the match goes to penalties? He emphasized: “I don’t think about it. If we do that, the truth is that you won’t be able to train too much with him. Because the atmosphere in the stadium will not be training. We’re thinking about winning.”

    On the reason for Real Madrid’s success in the Champions League, he continued: “It’s not easy to explain, but I think the Champions League is special because of the history of the first five European cups. For everyone, for the players and for the fans, the Champions League is very important. The club has preserved the history of Di Stefano, Gento and Amancio.”

    To the question of who exerts more pressure? After spending more money from the owners to achieve the championship, the Italian coach replied: “The player does not think about any of this, politics does not fit into the head of the player.”


    About Militao, Carlo Ancelotti added: “He is very excited. I won’t go into motivation or focus otherwise they won’t be able to play football. The team is very good and we are at our best. We have been thinking about this match for a long time. a lot of time”.

    And he added: “I am very calm, full of enthusiasm and faith. Tomorrow I know the feeling and I will have a bad feeling: that Haaland will score, that De Bruyne will score from outside, I have to think about the Viennese dribbling that Karim will score, it is not easy to get here and we are having fun. .

    And when asked, what would you say to the players? He explained, “I don’t know what to talk about. I say what comes out of me. Courage and character are very important elements, and not all players are able to show these qualities. I need a team that can read game situations well. We will have moments when we will suffer.”

    And oh out of the plan HallandHe reported: “It was difficult for City to get the ball back when we played from behind and we will try to get the ball to reduce the risk.”

    And he continued: “The question of stopping Haaland is repeated when we prepare a match, we do not prepare anything for just one player. You have to plan well defensively.”

    And he revealed the key to victory: “To play in these matches and win, one quality is not enough, you need to show other things.”

    Regarding the choice of open or closed play, he concluded: “We are dangerous on the counter, it’s true, but in the first match we didn’t have many options for building the game. I don’t think it’s a similar game with a lot of transitions.”

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