Real Madrid’s Season Plagued by Misfortune

    announce real Madrid Its player Eder Militao suffered a torn cruciate ligament, which confirms the early end of his season at Real Madrid.

    mention that real Madrid He declined to sign a big forward following the departure of Kerem Benzema, and Al-Merenji hit Thibaut Courtois’ injury hard, also cutting his ACL and confirming his absence for much of the current season.

    real Madrid

    Date of the official announcement of Kiba’s transition to real Madrid

    Pat Kepa Arrizabalaga, goalkeeper ChelseaOn the verge of joining real Madrid To replace Belgian goalkeeper Thibault Courtois, who suffered a cruciate ligament injury that kept him out of action for several months.

    According to the journalist,Matthew MorettoAccording to Spanish Relevo Network correspondent, Kiba’s transfer to the Royal Club is almost inevitable, and the official announcement of the deal will be within 24 hours.

    Real Madrid will be relegated this season

    Within two weeks he real Madrid Signing goalkeeper, defender and striker. If these gaps are not filled, then it is better to think about the next season.

    There is Kiba in the centre-back, but things are very murky after Mbappe came close to staying with PSG. Defensively, the name is not on the team’s radar and most likely Real will try to look for Castilla.

    Would you be surprised Concept All in the future?

    The French newspaper Le Parisien indicated that there was a real possibility of an extension Concept His contract in the coming weeks he loves the draft Paris Saint Germain New, with the arrival of his friend Dembele and the departure of Neymar.

    Mostly Concept I’ll wait for the development of the project Paris Saint Germain He will not rush to renew the contract and will make the team suffer again, so the idea of ​​renewing him Concept Keeping it in the near future now, according to current data, is illogical, but everything is possible.

    Mbappe - Real Madrid

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