Real Madrid’s Objectives Unveiled by Ancelotti Following Barcelona’s Near Qualification for La Liga

    Italian coach Carlo Ancelotti, manager of Real Madrid, has revealed the goals of the royal club for the coming period after he has moved far away from the fight for the Spanish title.

    It is worth noting that Real Madrid is preparing for important challenges in the coming period, as well as decisive matches in the Copa del Rey and the European Champions League.

    Real Madrid are due to face Osasuna tomorrow, Saturday, in the final of the Copa del Rey, at exactly 11 pm Egyptian time.

    real Madrid
    real Madrid

    Ancelotti reveals Real Madrid’s goals after Barcelona were close to qualifying for La Liga

    Ancelotti confirmed that Real are currently focused on the Cup and the Champions League and are aiming to win two titles.

    Ancelotti said at a press conference before the meeting in Osasuna: “We will leave tomorrow without thinking about what will happen next. We will leave motivated to win another title. As I said, the preparation for these matches is big and important, and when you have such a team, it’s very simple.

    He continued, “Playing in the final is always very exciting. Personally, I always think that this could be the last final. I said this in 2003, but that was not the last time, and I repeat it now. It’s time to have fun, because you never know if this final will be the last or not.

    Ancelotti reveals Real Madrid's goals after Barcelona were close to qualifying for La Liga

    He added: “Of course, the cup final and the Champions League semi-final is all we have to worry about for the rest of this season and nothing more. The cup final, you might think that this is a competition that does not seem important at first, but becomes more and more important as time goes on.

    And he added: “As for the semi-final match (against City), it is better to prepare for it immediately after the cup match, and we will not think about many things and will calmly take action.

    And he added: “Have you talked with the team about improving something in defense? When I analyze matches, I share everything with the players. Sometimes they may disagree, but lately we have a consensus on opinions and criticisms, including on recent defense issues. Some things must change.

    And he continued: “How do you physically and mentally cope with so many matches every three days? The mental aspect is very important. There are only three days off in football today, then we will rest in Sevilla and get better. On a mental level, these are matches that they think about for a long time. Motivation comes without problems.

    Ancelotti reveals Real Madrid's goals after Barcelona were close to qualifying for La Liga

    And he continued: “If you win the cup, will you not celebrate? When you win, you love to celebrate. But there are other ways, of course. Napoli won the Italian championship after so many decades and I understand that. Our joy may be different, but we will celebrate if we win the cup tomorrow.

    He emphasized: We are aimed at winning tomorrow, which means lifting everything that can be done in two years. Closing this circle would be great for me in just two years.

    He concluded by saying, “I told Arasachi (Osasuna’s coach) that it was going to be a competitive match against a very strong opponent. For them, this is a very important game, and we must be ready. It will be a difficult and difficult game, but we hope to win the cup tomorrow.

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