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Real Madrid’s Match Schedule Worries Ancelotti


Real Madrid manager Carlo Ancelotti has complained about the busy football schedule, insisting something needs to change to protect the players.

The Royal Club, who beat Chelsea 2-0 in the Champions League quarter-final, are due to play the first leg of the semi-final three days after the local cup final against Osasuna.

Ancelotti said during a press conference held ahead of his team’s match against Celta Vigo scheduled for tomorrow, Saturday, in the 30th leg of the Spanish league: “The schedule of matches is the schedule that we have talked about many times, in an objective way. in a way that is illogical.”

He added: “It is very crowded here, there are many matches. The Spanish League thinks about itself, the (Spanish) Federation thinks about itself, the European Union thinks about itself, the International Federation thinks about itself, and nobody thinks about themselves. players.”

And he added: “This is not the best way for football. Something needs to be changed. Lots of matches.”

Despite the approaching date of meeting Osasuna in the Copa del Rey final on May 6 and meeting Manchester City in the first leg of the Champions League semi-final on May 9, Ancelotti said he would not have to change his team between matches.

The Italian coach stressed: “I think (I can use the same players) what needs to be changed is the routine we follow after matches” and “It doesn’t bother me.”

Source: AFP.


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