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Real Madrid to officially oppose Barcelona amidst referee bribery scandal shock.


Barcelona have been painfully shocked by the decision made by arch-rivals Real Madrid after it released an official statement on Sunday morning in a corruption case against the Catalan club.

Spanish prosecutors have charged FC Barcelona with corruption and providing suspicious amounts of money to José María Negrera, the former deputy chairman of the refereeing committee of the Spanish Football Federation.

Real Madrid-Barcelona

The statement from the royal club was as follows: “The Board of Directors of the Meringue Club, at its meeting today, learned of the serious allegations brought by the prosecutor’s office against FC Barcelona and its two presidents, Josep Maria Bartomeu and Sandro Rosell, in addition to the former directors (Albert Soler and Oscar Grau)” .

real Madrid Barcelona are shocked and officially oppose him over the referee bribery scandal.

And he continued: “The allegations relate to possible crimes, including corruption in the sports field, due to the relationship that Barcelona has established with the former vice president of the technical committee of referees, José María Henriques Negrera.”

And the statement concluded: “Real Madrid is deeply concerned about the seriousness of the facts and reiterates its full confidence in the work of the judiciary, and the board of directors agreed to the participation of the club in the complaint filed by the prosecutor’s office as soon as the judge opened the door to the affected parties in defense of the legitimate interests club.”


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