Real Madrid talent issues warning letter to Lionel Messi for this reason

    Lionel Messi, the American player of Inter Miami, was given a warning by the Real Madrid talent ahead of Brazil’s match against Argentina in the South American 2026 World Cup qualifier.

    It is worth noting that the Argentina national team is the holder of the world title for the past 2022, after defeating France in the final match on penalties.

    Lionel Messi

    Date of the match between Brazil and Argentina as part of the World Cup qualifying tournament

    The match is scheduled for dawn on Wednesday, November 22, 2023, at exactly two and a half o’clock in the morning Egypt time and three and a half evening Saudi Arabia time.

    Tango’s team ranks in the group with 12 points, while Seleçao’s team is in fifth place with 7 points.

    Endrick warned Lionel Messi before Brazil’s match with Argentina

    Andric Felipe: deal with Real Madrid
    Andric Felipe: deal with Real Madrid

    Real Madrid signed Andrek from Palmeiras and he is due to join the Spanish national team next year in 2024 after reaching the age of 18.

    Andrik spoke about the meeting with Argentina, led by Lionel Messi: “I am ready to help the Brazilian national team, and this is what I have set as a goal in my life. The only thing I always want is to protect this shirt.”

    He continued: “I defended against Argentina once in Montagu and in the final I was able to play and experience that. It’s completely different now and I think today will be a great day for all of us and I hope we can win victory over Argentina.”

    As for his influence on criticism, he explained: “For a while I was always on my phone and looking at what people were saying about me. It shocked me, but today I’m very calm. The criticism was strong and I wanted people to see that I’m not like that”.

    He continued: “When I turned 17, I saw that I was different. I had a desire inside me and I wanted to do something that I wasn’t doing, and then I pushed everything aside. I just wanted to make myself and my family happy.” “If people like it. Well, if they don’t like it, I don’t care. I’m happy and fine, I just want to enjoy the field and the game. That’s what Deniz told me today.”

    Andrich Felipe revealed his position on being called up to the Brazilian national team

    Indrik Filippi
    Indrik Filippi

    Regarding his call-up to the Brazilian national team, Endrick said: “I didn’t expect this. I thought that I wouldn’t be called up. Yes, I was waiting for the Olympic team, which is the closest to me. This is the closest. I didn’t look, I looked at my mobile phone, I practiced”.

    He emphasized: “People started calling me and that day I didn’t want to check my phone. I kept training and then I saw a picture and it said ‘Indrik Challenge’ and I was happy. It was an important day for me.”

    When will Andrik play for Real Madrid?

    Endrick – Lionel Messi
    Endrick – Lionel Messi

    Endric is scheduled to join Los Blancos in the summer of 2024 from Brazilian club Palmeiras to develop the club’s future project and become the successor to Karim Benzema, who has a long-term move to Al Ittihad.

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