Real Madrid Star Shares Winning Strategy against Chelsea

    Real Madrid midfielder Toni Kroos revealed the reasons for his team’s victory over Chelsea during the match that brought them together yesterday, Tuesday.

    Stamford Bridge, the stronghold of the English team Chelsea, hosted the second leg against the Royal Club in the quarter-finals of the European Champions League, which ended with a score of two goals: none. .

    Los Blancos faced their counterpart, the Blues, at the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium in the first leg of the Champions League quarter-finals, and the match ended in a two-goal draw for the landowner at the expense of Chelsea. .

    While in the second leg, Spain’s capital team prevailed with two clean sheets at the expense of a landlord scored by Real Madrid star Rodrigo José to eliminate Chelsea and Bezet advanced to the semi-finals.

    Real Madrid midfielder Toni Kroos spoke at a press conference after the match against Chelsea, explaining the reasons for the victory and his continuation in the near term with Real Madrid.

    And spoke about renewing it for just a year, saying: “I deliberately chose the contract period when I renewed it last time, because then I would have been 33 years old, and it would have been a good age to think about how to continue.” “.

    He explained, “I don’t need to exaggerate. The relationship with the club is incredible. I would never put it on the line because of some kind of speculation, and I think it applies to both sides.”

    And about the calmness of himself and Modric – the secret of the team’s success, he replied: “Of course, not only, it would be a lot of self-praise. We have a team that has already experimented a bit, really seen a bit together. He had to suffer a lot in many matches.”

    The Real Madrid star revealed the secret of victory over Chelsea

    And I realized: “And if you survive at such stages, and then emerge victorious in such matches, then this gives you stages where things are not going well or the opponent also has an opportunity – we had – and in the end I still keep calm and somehow believe in the cause.”

    And he added about Carlo Ancelotti: “I don’t want to compare him with others now. I love talking about him, but he always puts other people at a disadvantage. I think he finds the perfect combination of learning and freedom. It is not simple”.

    He continued: “Unfortunately, this often translates into the ability to manage a team perfectly – and he can – and which is sometimes more important in such teams than tactics.”

    “However, of course, he gives clear tactics, but he does not tell you what he should do for 90 minutes. It definitely gives us freedom and we also have players who need it. Especially in attack, if you tell them 90 minutes where they should position themselves, you will undermine him.

    And he also knows that we know where we need to be in midfield.

    And of his strong relationship with Chelsea player Kai Havertz, he said: “Of course it’s hard to stay in touch on a night like this because everyone is so focused on their own business. We were a bit surprised in the first match that he didn’t play because I think he’s the first thing I can think of for Chelsea who can score.”

    It’s also fair to say that Chelsea had a chance or two in the first half to put them ahead and then they can always look a little different.”

    He added: “However, he suffered from a lack of support, including for team reasons. I really appreciate him as a football player and as a person.”

    After returning to the national team, he continued: “I made a conscious decision. If Matthias Summer were at the helm – and he has known me for a while – he would know that I do not make such a decision instinctively, but carefully consider it.

    “When someone from northern Germany makes such a decision, it’s pretty consistent (laughs), and it still is.”

    He concluded about the match between Bayern and Manchester City: “I am following him with interest, because he is our next opponent. We’ll see. Now I’m guessing it will be Manchester City, but last year in the Champions League you often thought we weren’t going to be there anymore and somehow we were always there. But that would be a surprise given how strong City are.

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