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Real Madrid Star Rejects Saudi League Move Citing Ethical Concerns


A press report revealed that the Real Madrid star refused to move to the Saudi Arabian league any time soon after they contacted the player, especially after the support of the Saudi Ministry of Sports.

After Cristiano Ronaldo has achieved victory, clubs are ready to sign stars from Europe to maintain their ranks and create strong competition.

Real Madrid player refuses to move to the Saudi league for this reason

real Madrid

Recently, the Saudi Ministry of Sports has confirmed its willingness to sign stars from Europe to build a strong league and strong competition.

According to the newspaper todofichajes, Saudi Arabia contacted Nacho Fernandez to see if they could propose to him soon.

The source stressed that Nacho would prefer to play in the American League in the event of his departure from the Royal Club.

Nacho has yet to decide on his stance on renewing Bezet’s contract, raising doubts about his possibility of leaving next summer.

And Anmar Al-Khaili, president of Al Ittihad Jeddah, spoke in televised statements about the Saudi Ministry of Sports’ support for clubs in signing European stars: “The Sports Minister’s tweet about supporting clubs in international deals made us feel comfortable. We look forward to signing players of the caliber of Messi, Mohamed Salah, Di Maria and La We think less than that.

Anmar Al-Khaili

And he concluded: “We are all confident that the Minister of Sports will support all clubs, and I look forward to the start of the summer period. We will explain to the fans the mechanism and how to make upcoming deals and contracts, and our management has just received its history from the federation. It is not easy to build a big club .


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