Real Madrid Star on the Brink of Winning

    The Al-Nasr club is looking to identify the foreigners who have left the team in light of the team’s management seeking to sign international players whose names have shone in European football and have linked the team to the inclusion of many names of veterans in Europe, which has added a lot to football for last years.

    This Wednesday evening, Al Amid will face Al Fateh in their last match in the Saudi Pro League Roshen and that match is sealed as Al Ittihad officially won the league title in the last round. Professional League.

    Al-Nasr wants to turn on Real Madrid star


    And CBS has confirmed that the Al-Nasr administration is aggressively pushing for the inclusion of Croatian Luka Modric, the Spanish midfielder for Real Madrid, in his former teammate Cristiano Ronaldo.

    And she added: The deal will be free in light of the fact that the player has not been able to formally renew his contract with Real Madrid, which could ease the management of the brigadier general.

    And concluded: N’Golo Kante, Chelsea midfielder, is the second choice for the dean’s administration in case of refusal to sign Luka Modric.

    Notably, Alvaro González, the dean’s defender, came close to leaving this summer, in light of the expiration of his contract and the unwillingness of the club’s management to renew the player’s contract.

    Luka Modric and Cristiano Ronaldo
    Luka Modric and Cristiano Ronaldo

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