Real Madrid star discloses motive behind contract extension with the team

    Uruguayan star Federico Valverde, a Real Madrid player, revealed the reason for extending his contract with the team until June 2029.

    Federico Valverde
    Federico Valverde

    Valverde named the reason for extending his contract with Real Madrid

    Fedi spoke during press statements on Merengue’s official website, saying: “I am on the best team in the world. I am very happy to be back in this special place and share this important innovation with my family. I am very proud of it.” “

    He continued: “Real Madrid gave me everything: maturity and the values ​​of being a good person, a good player, developing and being a role model for children. It is a great blessing to be able to represent this logo.”

    He emphasized: “Choose merengue? “It’s impossible to say no to Real Madrid. That’s the best thing. When the president tells you that you have the opportunity to renew your contract with this club, don’t think twice.”

    He continued: “Nine titles with the Royals? All Real Madrid players want titles and we cannot live without victories. Victory is everything. When I do this I am the happiest person in the world and when I don’t I feel like I am missing out on a lot of things. The day I don’t have this, I won’t belong to Madrid.”

    He added: “Playing at the Bernabeu? “It’s the most beautiful thing in the world. There’s nothing more beautiful. The feeling of going out on the pitch and feeling the pressure of winning and playing for Real Madrid is the most beautiful adrenaline in the world.”

    He continued: “The President will always feel the gratitude of my family and will be loved very much. The President has always been there at all times and was there to help us at any time and give the values ​​that we need.”

    Valverde - Real Madrid
    Valverde – Real Madrid.

    He added: “Moments you can’t forget? When we became champions and got to Cibeles, seeing all these people filling the whole city with white shirts makes you happy. After that, my life changed in this club. Over the years I have realized how pleasant it is to share a dressing room at Valdebebas and the Bernabeu. There is something more beautiful than living these moments.”

    Najm concluded Los Blancos: “90 minutes in Madrid is a very long time at the Bernabeu. The fans and players always fight until the end. We never give up. We give our best in every match and until the referee blows the final whistle, there will always be a chance to win match”.

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