Real Madrid receives criticism from world newspapers following their defeat to Manchester City in the Champions League!

    Real Madrid have received harsh insults from international newspapers in general and Spanish newspapers in particular after losing to Manchester City yesterday.

    Where the first football team of the Spanish club Real Madrid said goodbye yesterday to the 2022-2023 European Champions League in front of their colleague Manchester The English four is clean.

    real Madrid
    real Madrid

    The course of the match took place as part of the second leg of the Champions League semi-final, where the two teams met earlier in the first match of the same round, at the Santiago Bernabeu, the stronghold of Beze, and the confrontation ended in a goal for the same.

    While the English team played at home at Al Ittihad Stadium, the ground owner beat the visiting team four goals to none to secure a place in the final of the tournament in an expected fiery showdown with Inter Milan, Italy.

    World newspapers insult Real Madrid after losing to Manchester City in the Champions League!

    Real Madrid vs Manchester City
    Real Madrid vs Manchester City

    And the Spanish newspaper Marca singled out today’s edition under the headline: “City crushes the champion” as an expression of the state of sadness that gripped everyone after a crushing defeat at Real Madrid.

    Market confirmed that there was no fight between the two teams on the pitch as Manchester City dominated the entire midfield and managed to win the match.

    The newspaper pointed out that Real Madrid could not keep up with Guardiola’s “machines”, who were excellent at exploiting weaknesses and scoring goals due to defensive errors.


    And she concluded that, although Manchester City had a busy schedule of matches and tournaments, he managed to get what he wanted from the meeting and show excellent physical shape on the field.

    And the Spanish newspaper AC wrote today a report called “City humiliated Madrid”, where they explained that the English team was the best in everything.

    And continued, the replacement of Antonio Rudiger did not bring anything new, as Carlo Ancelotti tried to activate the attacking side, but Manchester City’s defense was the best in everything.

    While the British newspaper The Sun headlined today’s report and wrote: “Guardiola leaves the giant of Europe”, praising the great victory achieved by the City team, Bernando Silva, Julián Alvarez and Miliato, “Real Madrid defender”.

    And the paper said that Manchester City’s appetite was open, leaving Carlo Ancelotti’s division unfamiliar with England goalkeeper Ederson.

    And The Sun added that Real Madrid, regarded as one of the best teams in Europe and having won the league title 14 times, turned into a defensive side due to Manchester City’s formidable strength in the match.

    Then there was a report from the French newspaper Le Parisien titled “Manchester City crushed Real Madrid and joined Inter in the final”, which reported that Manchester City were the best team in the Champions League final and a strong candidate for the title after the performance. appeared on it in front of a team the size of a royal club.

    The newspaper commented on the performance of Real Madrid, noting that Ancelotti’s team could not control the middle of the field, because Pep Guardiola did not allow him.

    The newspaper stressed that this final is Guardiola’s fourth, as he has managed to lose 3 times before, including twice with Barcelona, ​​his former team in 2009 and 2011, and now with Manchester City in 2021.

    As for the Calcio Mercato news, it was headlined “Guardiola teaches Real Madrid a hard lesson”, emphasizing that Madrid failed to reach the last third of Manchester City’s goal, a sign of Ancelotti’s failure, who did not read the stadium optimally.

    And she added that for 90 minutes the match was one-sided, so City decided to reach the final of the championship for the second time in its history.

    And the German newspaper Kicker continued its report under the heading “No real chance… City to join Inter Milan in the final”.

    And she added that the performance of Manchester City was festive in front of the reigning champions, the club. meringuewhere he managed to win the match and reach the final of the continental championship.

    The newspaper concluded that joy had spread in the Etihad stadium stands, which were filled with supporters of Manchester City, amid the overwhelming number of goals scored by the English team.

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