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Real Madrid Ready to Reunite with Mbappe!


French striker Kylian Mbappé is back on the contract list for next season as part of his support for Real Madrid’s first team, according to press reports.

So far, nothing is clear about the Frenchman’s future at Paris Saint-Germain and perhaps he should now tell the French club what he wants to do next summer, extend his contract or leave.

Mbappe returns to Real Madrid plans again

Due to problems between the player and Paris, Real Madrid reappeared in the plans of the French footballer, but this time the royal person will control the terms of the contract.


According to El Debate media, the French footballer will return to Real Madrid’s plans next summer if he decides not to renew his contract and leaves Paris Saint-Germain as soon as this season ends, and they pay a very large sum. but far from what Paris Saint-Germain asks for.

Where Nasser Al Khulaifi has confirmed on several occasions that Mbappe’s price for Real Madrid is around €300m and Florentino Pérez has confirmed that it will not exceed €220m, the same amount he previously gave the Frenchman before the extension. his contract.

It’s all in Killian’s hands

A few months ago, Paris Saint-Germain announced an extension to Kylian’s contract and left Real Madrid in the lurch, but the truth is that things have now changed and it looks like the French footballer is unhappy despite signing one of the highest contracts. in the world of football.

Real Madrid have already launched the mechanism for signing the Frenchman, but it all depends on the next step that the player himself will take, he must decide whether to renew it or not.


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