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Real Madrid President Set to Replace Ancelotti With New Manager


Head fit real MadridFlorentino Perez has decided to make a strict decision regarding Italian coach Carlo Ancelotti as the team’s coach in the coming period.

Al Merengue suffered a heavy defeat at their home Santiago Bernabéu against Barcelona with an unanswered goal in the first leg of the semi-final of the King’s Cup.

The second leg is scheduled for April 5, 2023 at Camp Nou as part of the King’s Cup tournament.

real Madrid

The current period bears witness to the fluctuations in Merengue’s level in different competitions, be it the Spanish League or the Copa del Rey, despite his brilliant performance in the first leg of matchday sixteen of the Champions League after a 5-2 win over Liverpool at Anfield.

Real Madrid president close to expelling Ancelotti with strict decree


The Spanish newspaper Relevo has indicated that Ancelotti is close to leaving the Royal Club in the near future.

The Italian coach no longer has the trust that was given to him within the walls of the team by management other than the players.

The source stressed that Ancelotti is very close to leaving for the Brazilian national team at the end of the current season, and this depends on his performance in the next decisive period of the season.

According to the same source, the relationship between Ancelotti and the Real Madrid players has changed and club members want him to leave the team.

A source said that some players complain about the choice of coach during matches.


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