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Real Madrid opens doors for 3-star relegation


Real Madrid open the doors to 3-star relegation, the Spanish team Real Madrid have begun to determine the fate of many of their stars, and it is understood that they will forgo 3 stars to make way for others, according to the contract policy followed by the Royal.

Real Madrid managed to beat Valencia in the postponed seventeenth round of the 202-2022 Spanish Championship, which ended with two unanswered goals.

Real Madrid are second in La Liga with 45 points, a five-point difference separating them from traditional rivals Barcelona at the top of the table.

Real Madrid opens doors for 3-star relegation

And according to what the Spanish newspaper Cadena Ser has published, Real Madrid will not enter into negotiations with their three players, namely Ceballos, Nachos and Asensio, to extend their contracts or increase their salaries.

And a Spanish newspaper revealed that the case is because the players are interested in offers from other clubs, in which case the Royal Club opens the door for those who want to leave, and this is the policy pursued by Real Madrid. follows.

And the newspaper added, explaining what was at stake within the walls of Real Madrid, that they were not interested in the offers that players make to the table to extend contracts. She indicated that Real Madrid would not bargain with anyone.

And she continued: “Whoever said that I have an offer from Paris Saint-Germain or others, the answer of the club will be this: get on a plane and fly to them.”

The newspaper emphasized that the Royal Club had a hard-lined policy on the matter and pointed out that there would be no bargaining with anyone, no matter what; Claiming that this is not an auction.


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