Real Madrid open fire on rivals with Perez’s strict plan!

    Real Madrid open fire on their rivals The Real Madrid administration, led by Florentino Perez, has developed a well-thought-out plan to build a strong team in the coming period.

    Pérez aims to develop the club’s future project, keep the team strong and support it with strong elements, especially due to Merengue’s overwhelming desire to win many titles.

    It is worth noting that Real Madrid is preparing to meet with Mallorca next Sunday as part of the 20th round of the Spanish championship.

    Match date Real Madrid and Real Mallorca in the Spanish league

    The match is scheduled to kick off next Sunday at exactly 3:00 Egyptian time and 4:00 Saudi time.

    Real Madrid open fire on rivals with Perez’s strict plan

    The Tomas Gonzalez journalist has reported that Real Madrid intends to sign good contracts with the Mercato next summer.

    A source revealed the goals of the Perez-led club in the summer, most notably signing: “Jude Bellingham, Guardiol, Vlahovic.”

    And the source stressed that Real Madrid are watching another midfielder as an alternative plan for Jude Bellingham in case he fails to sign him.

    Real Madrid understands that they need to seriously strengthen and reform many parts of the midfield, attackers and full-backs.

    Real Madrid are suffering from a shortage of many centers, especially due to the high number of injuries in the current period.

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