Real Madrid midfielder Toni Kroos denies that players should take pay cut

    Real Madrid midfielder Toni Kroos feels that players should not be required to take a pay cut, rather providing the possibility to ‘do the right thing’ with their incomes.

    Real Madrid midfielder Toni Kroos has actually recommended that he would rather choose how to make a contribution to assist combat the coronavirus break out over being informed to take a pay cut.

    In current weeks, the first-team teams at Barcelona and Atletico Madrid have actually chosen to have their incomes decreased by 70% in order to aid with capital.

    Nevertheless, Kroos would choose to get his incomes in full in order ‘to do the right thing’, an indicator that he wishes to make his own contribution.

    The German informed the SWR Sport Podcast: “Waiving wage is like a contribution fruitless, or to theclub It should be an option for everybody to think about. I think it’s even much better to get the full wage and after that do the right thing with it.

    “I don’t think it’s necessary here. The other thing is the question of what I do with all the money I get. We must all help where help is needed. And there are a lot of places where help is needed right now.”

    At the very earliest, La Liga will not reboot up until May 28.

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