Real Madrid interests with Barcelona cause silence against them! New scenes in the case of rulers

    The management of Real Madrid has caused controversy due to its silence on any position in the case of referee José Negrera, the former vice-chairman of the Referee Committee of the Spanish Federation.

    Los Blancos refused to enter the forum of attacking clubs Barcelona Recently, because of the Negrera case, he is accused of receiving 1.4 million euros from the administration of Barça between 2016 and 2018.

    And Camp Nou officials have previously denied paying any money to a former La Liga official to support the team in local tournaments, but that was only to get verbal advice from Negrera.

    For its part, the administration of Florentino Pérez, president of the Meringue Castle, announced its refusal to sign a joint statement from La Liga clubs condemning Barcelona for bribing referees.

    It is worth noting that the Royal Club only won two local titles from 2016 to 2018, one in La Liga and another in the local Super Cup, while Barça were crowned twice in La Liga, twice in the Super Cup and three times in the Copa del Rey. .

    Real Madrid interests with Barcelona cause silence against them! New scenes in the case of rulers

    And according to what the Spanish newspaper Marca revealed in a report on Thursday morning, the reasons for the refusal of the capital club to participate in that attack on Barça are the common interests between Florentino Pérez and Juan Laporta for the sake of the two clubs.

    Perez.. Laporta
    Perez.. Laporta

    On the other hand, Real Madrid, together with Barcelona and Juventus, is participating in the European Super League project, in a three-way struggle against the administration of the European Football Association (UEFA).

    The Real Madrid administration also claims that what has happened so far in the Blaugrana-Negrera case is only part of the past, but this does not mean that the interests of the club are not being protected.

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