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Real Madrid Fans: Barcelona Continuously Take Away


This afternoon, Saturday, Real Madrid faced their counterpart Espanyol in a match that brought them together in the twenty-fifth round of the 2022-2023 Spanish Championship.

The Santiago Bernabéu Stadium, the stronghold of the Royal Club, witnessed the victory of the hosts at home over the visiting team with a score of three goals to one as part of a fiery meeting as part of the La Liga championship events.

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The Santiago Bernabéu Stadium ignited incendiary chants from Los Blancos fans throughout the match against archrivals Barcelona following formal allegations leveled against the Catalan club that there was administrative and arbitration corruption.


It is worth noting that the Spanish prosecutor’s office is currently investigating cases against Barcelona for giving a bribe to the former deputy chairman of the referee committee, Negrera, in order to give preference to Barca in arbitration decisions.

masses real MadridBarcelona always steals

Merengue fans chanted today during the meeting with Espanyol in the stands, saying: “Barcelona’s gang always steals.”


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