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Real Madrid Excited for English Player’s Arrival Ahead of Next Season


Real Madrid’s first football team management has put in place a plan to attract outstanding young players, all of which is part of a future plan to rebuild the team.

The English player is one of the most visible players on the list of contracts for the upcoming summer transfer period or even next season.

Real Madrid are looking forward to the arrival of the Englishman

Jude Bellingham became one of the brightest stars of Borussia Dortmund, where the young English footballer performed more than remarkably at the level of individual and collective performances with the German team, which attracted the attention of many major clubs such as Real Madrid, Liverpool. and Manchester.

The appearance of Liverpool and Manchester City in the picture has reportedly forced Russia to demand a big price in order to consider leaving the 19-year-old English player next season, according to press reports.

Where the German club has set almost 100 million euros as a price for those who wish to receive the services of one of the most outstanding players with the greatest potential in world football today, and this price will keep the rial from the deal, since the royal does not intend to pay these huge sums.

Everything is in the hands of Kroos and Modric

Another factor that will play a major role in signing Bellingham is that the midfielders will stay for another year at the Santiago Bernabeu, which could leave the England midfielder without a clear position in the team.

Real Madrid ready to sign Bellingham
The Croatian and the German were close to leaving the team, so the decision was made to put the transfer on hold, seemingly on track.


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